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How To Overcome & Fight Naturally With Depression.

Depression is one the factor which we all face in our lives; it’s the disorder which will reduce our happiness. Off course, Depression is a big issue for someone who can’t deal with it, and it can be deal with everyone for the particular stage. But we need to aver of it very carefully, but how many of us?

The question is why until we can’t be in that position, why should we care of it? it’s perfect because I will also be like that once my friend not went to subsided because of this blady depression.

That day I was decided to put this website to serve the people who are suffering because of depression ;not only this you will get more on this website.

This article entirely deals with symptoms and preventions which you can take before you would face severe consequences.

I am happy that one point in this article can help you to overcome the
depression that gives happier than ever, so don’t forget to comment if you
get any sort of result.

  •   Feeling of sadness and low mood
  •   Helplessness
  •   Feelings of heavy
  •   Irritability
  •   Sleeplessness or oversleep
  •   Decreased or increased hunger
  •   Lack of joy in activities a person once    enjoyed
  •   Working or speaking slowly
  •   Thoughts of suicide

Hear is the  beautiful tips that can help you to overcome this depression.

1. Accept yourself

Once you will be depressed, please accept that you’re in the position you will never face, then only you can forward yourself.

happy old man

2. Write down how your feeling, thoughts

Write down the things which suffer you most and just write down what you can do it for it, If you can’t just take internet support for it. And write down the things that what you do after this phase do it every day. 
The most outstanding technique you can apply before you sleep.

taking note

3. Imagen

After writing your thing, you should do this excise before sleep, and
after sleep imagine that you are in the position after depression. And feel it
and change your activates according to it.
Trust me; it will work like a wonderfully like you never imagen.


4. share your feelings

Share to the people who care about you.
Because if you can share, then you can get support from them why because people behind don’t know that what is the situations you’re going through.


5. Volunteer

Volunteer in organization which will help others but also helps you much more than them whom you working for. Personally, I think working in children org, it’s the best therapy you can do it.


4. nature trip

If you can effort, go for it can also reduce your depression, because nature is like mother for us; if you just look your mother, you just blush your all negativity out, and you can free.

nature trip

5. Make hobbies

which can give you more happiness then ever chooses your hobbies according to you, are you a logical person or creative person. Hear you can do some of it according to you painting, ceramics, drawing, pottery, short stories, learn foreign language, karate, ballroom dancing, or yoga, sports like football, volleyball etc.


6. Surround with positive people:

 If you don’t have like that people please go and find them just make friends with them, don’t talk much, listen to them more you can speak. This is the thing that you have to do it just because the wipes you feel can change your mood much rather then you are now. 

7. Time management

And this is the almost a good tip that makes your schedule with task-based for every day. trust me if you these 21 days your life is so different. The confidence you got is just unbelievable.

8. Ready your body

And this is the most important thing you should do, guys and exercise it like hell you want to go to the gym. Exercise releases endorphins, which will improve natural immunity and improve mood.  Once your body is ready for the day, The day will be much more powerful than you think of it and one more thing excise can lowering blood pressure, protecting against heart disease, cancer and boosting self-esteem.



This can give more peace to your mind and balance your emotion’s. it’s one of the best things you can do it for you to get over depression. In yoga we highly concentrate in breath once our breath controlled everything will be maintain in our life.

10. Pray for the god

If are not an atheist; Because of pray first quality will come to you is gratitude to wads everything you have, once we feel gratitude towards everything, we have you literally more full of hope in your life.


11. Breathing excises

 Breath from one hole of the nose and close it, and release from another nose hole, do it until you can feel free. And also you can do pranayama (it’s one of the major parts of yoga)


12. value to that thought’s

Yes, you will get subside tendency thought’s, fear of dearth thoughts but see from reality it’s just thought the matter is how much you’re giving, how much you’re giving chance to grow that thoughts. keep yourself realize of it once that will over you fell the joy the great feel of happiness.

13. Family

There are the people who can care you is your family just make Shure give quality time to them and discusses with them about your situation how much they can they will understand, but defiantly you will get support from them.

14. Reading books

That can help you to recover from your situation. not every book can help us to overcome depression; several genres like self-help, autobiography of different persons can help face the conditions that very smoothly.

reading book

15. Positive mental talk

Depression create self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness. Monitor your inner talk how it is functioning, fix it with positive mental talk. This one of the best ways that you can add to your daily life, Search for the positive words on the internet and use it in your daily life consciously.

16. listen to music

Music is food for the soul. Listen favourite songs must in daily day to day work. Schedule and sing the songs loudly.  Listening to upbeat, happy music improve brain chemistry and can improve your mood. Music can change an atmosphere instantly and create a positive vibe around you.

listen music

17. Dance

This is a wonderful tool to overcome depression do some moves if you don’t know anything just move according to the music how you can. Don’t feel anything you’re not doing any stage show just do it then and there you just see the change in you instantly after the dance.


18. present

Keep yourself try to be in present and see surrounding thing how beautiful it is, how you are part of this wonderful world.


19. surround clean

This will reflect on you, keep your home organised with positive things like quotes can help you, photographs can make you happy, the thing can feel you please, keep it surrounded by you.
clean home

20. Eat healthy food

Healthy food can give you happier than you think of happiness, If you change your food, your life will be change according to it. Eat write food can get out depression very quickly. Research has shown that depressed people often lack a fatty acid known as EPA. Participants during a 2002 study featured within the Archives of General Psychiatry took just a gram of animal oil every day. and noticed a 50-per cent decrease in symptoms like anxiety, sleep disorders, unexplained feelings of sadness, suicidal thoughts, and decreased drive . Omega-3 fatty acids also can lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Get omega-3s through walnuts, flaxseed and oily fish like salmon or tuna.


21. do one task at a time

Do one thing at a time its sound silly, but it works like you never think of overcome depression; see how it’s works increase your focus as well as mental alertness; if you do regularly for 21 days you will see wonderful changes in your life you never found of.


22. household work

Washing clothes with and do your dishes clean by you groceries shopping etc. why I am saying this because this all needs some sort of attention; you should keep in mind this can help you to be get out depression very quickly.

23. comedy shows

Watch comedy shows can help to laugh.
Playing games, you love to play can also help you to be healthy as well as happy.


24. reduce cell phone use

Cell phone usage rather than develop a habit book reading, walking etc. do what you love to do. To find value in life, you need to give time to your cell phone can take that time so much then we think of it.

cell phone usage

25. do solo travelling

It’s like the most wonderful thing you can do it ever since you are bone of, and in solo travelling, you can find yourself, you can find the purpose of life so easily. It is also useful to increase your self-confidence and also for self-discovery.


26. Think positively

Every one can say about positive thinking, but this is the only why we can get out of depression much quickly; we must develop it at any cost. To set, it just write down the thing can give you happiness and start with small one increase it every day.
ex: eating chocolate, going out for dinner etc. 


27.Use Touch

Science shows that touch therapies can help some people overcome depression, lower the strain hormone cortisol, and increase the feel-good hormone oxytocin. This are some of the therapies cognitive behavioural therapy and brain stimulation therapy. Non-main stream treatments.


cognitive behavioural therapy this the one of the leading therapy can changing so many people life in the range your done with it  go for this on I personally touched with the approach of this one.

28. Panic Attracts

This will decently come’s to shake you out don’t fear of it just stay for few mints like this;
If your standing, just sits and close your eyes and count for 1-100 from the back, then you will be calm for that moment and just look at it if it’s a feeling you got, then deal with it positively like saying ‘’I am ok’’ now,



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I can say only words but obviously, you are the warrior who is facing with you, this is the war not with others it’s with you write! Don’t lose your hope at any cost if anything comes to you, To make you stronger than before, Please respect the situation you are writing now. And try to move forward With will you have sill with you that can save you to make your life much beautiful than now.



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