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Powerful Time Management Tips to Super Boost Your Productive

Time management is the most rewarding skill. if you can use it respectfully, you can manage both personal and professional life very effectively. In this world, every human wants to success in their why,make it happen time management is one of the best skills to make it into reality. 

Let’s discuss what’s the most important factors which is affecting on time management in depth

This are the thing which I will cover in this article are….

What is time management?

Time management is the skill of organizing and planning your specific activities in divided 24hrs time. Best time management can enable work smarter than harder. Simply say’s everyone has 24 hrs, to achieve so much then what we can, it is the best skill to excel.

What is the effect of poor time management?

fixing time

 • Missed deadlines.

• Poor work quality.

• Higher stress levels.

• Work imbalance.

• lead to burnout.

• Practicing delegating tasks.

• Handling stress during a positive way.

What are the benefits of time management? 

  • Deliver work on time.
  • Provide a higher quality of work.
  • Better productivity and efficiency.
  • Avoid procrastination.
  • No stress levels.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Better task management.

What are the essential time management skills you should have?

  • Organize yourself.
  • Prioritise your works.
  • Set goals to, day to day work schedule.
  • Plan according to it. 
  • Delegation of goals in time.
  • Borders to the task.
  • Stress management.

What are the things you should consider for better time management?

focus to time


For better time management, we need more conscious about our self, to be successful in life, we need a tremendous amount of focus.

There is one excellent step, To get focus do one work at a time. This is not only for time management for also life management.

Avoid distractions:

time management distrations

According to a survey by, 89% of respondents admitted to wasting time from day to day at work:

31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily

31% waste roughly 1 hour daily

16% waste roughly 2 hours daily

6% waste roughly 3 hours daily

2% waste roughly 4 hours daily

2% waste 5 or more hours daily

This result shows that, How we are wasting over valuable time

To avoid distractions for time management, This is the simple tips turn off the cell phone, internet and emails etc. Use self-control apps and software for productive work. 

Do a time inspection on one week and focus at where your time is going. Observe where you’re spending your time and where you are wasting.

Wake up early-make your day longer

For best time management, wake up early, Is the time-saving element in the entire day. 
Keep your morning time for most important tasks.
Do hard tasks in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day

wake up early

Who drains your time?

Avoid the people who waste your time
Just keep them away and keep yourself busy for them.

Discover your time zone

You must have noticed that that in a particular time your focused like an eagle, make use of that time for your productivity to shoot up.


this is one of the most unknown and most effective on time management.
To avoid this, Learn to say no to the things you have an idea about it


This is one of the best time management software which is used to balance your work as well as professional life.

What are the essential techniques for better time management?

The 80/20 principle

  • The 80/20 principle is also called as the Pareto’s principle. This means 80% of results come from 20% of the actions or efforts.
  • 80% of productivity comes from 20 % of your time management.
  • 80 % of organizational profits come from 20 % of its customers.
  • 80 % of organizational productivity comes from 20 % of its employees.
  • Pareto’s principle keeps time management that’s focused on the most important tasks rather than put in time at tasks waste your time.
  • It is a little hard at the beginning, but if you see a rise in your productivity and you will able to manage time very effectively.

The ABCDE method

This is the method for who are struggling to manage and spend time efficiently, hear is one of the best methods called the ABCDE method. Here how to use this method as useful for both personal as well as professional life.

In this method, we first make a list of tasks and we divide into A, B, C, D and E in which

A stands for the most important tasks: 

You’ve to end these tasks at any cost; otherwise, it could have serious consequences.

B stands for less important tasks:  

Such tasks should be done but won’t affect, because the max amount of the ones falling within the above category

C stands for tasks with no consequences:

These are tasks which would be want to do, but there are no consequences at all if can do it or not.

D stands for delegate tasks:

If there’s something that should be delegated to somebody else, it is marked as D. However, it’s up to you because not every task delegated to someone

E stands for tasks you’ll eliminate:

 These are the tasks that can be completely irrelevant and it should be eliminated, this task something that will reduce your productivit

The 4D system

This is the most wonderful method for time management let’s see how, these 4 D’s refer to DELETE, DELEGATE, DEFER, and DO. Let’s see them in brief.

Delete (Drop):This is the tasks which decrease your productivity and also don’t need any attention and can simply delete from your list.

Delegate:  If someone can do something even 75% also as you, assign it to him. If there’s nobody you’ll delegate work to, you’ll either train him or outsource the task

Defer: Every work is not to be done immediately. If there’s something to be done later and has no consequences, make it.

Do: If there are  essential things to be done do it there and then.

18 Minutes:

this is the most effective time management method that can navigate us through a bundle of emails, phone calls, text messages, and endless meetings that prevent us from focusing our time on important things.

Five minutes in the morning: Site down in the morning and write down the things that you should do on that day to be more productive and schedule them into your calendar.

One minute per hour:  set the alarm for every one hour when it rings, ” take a deep breath to ask your self that you spend last hour productively or not”

Five minutes in the evening:  after the completion of the day, make a brief review of the day has been productive or not

Time blocking

 Time blocking

This is the most successful peoples time management method that divides your day into blocks of time. Each block is divided to accomplishing the task you allotted, or group of tasks you allotted to do.
Hear some important things you should keep in mind when you are time blocking

Task batching

 Select similar tasks together and schedule specific timebox to finish it.

Day theming

This is the most effective why of task batching, the people who have lots of responsibility’s accomplish it, we need today them.

Pro tips

  • Keep your self regular to family and professional hours, And insist others respect them.
  • Having separate space for home and work area, like a separate room with a door or separate office where you can work peacefully.
  •  Keep your self with two networks; one is for home another is for office.

Time is the most valuable wealth when you realise the value of time


Time management plays a wonderful role in everyday lives. The basic time management methods can do wonders in life. Every moment is very precious as a diamond so don’t waste the time by doing something which can’t add value to your life.
What is your best time management methods that you’re using now? Do you use any time management method? And one more thing if this article useful for you to grow your knowledge about time management
 If yes, live the comment below


Thank you for your valuable time to read this article.

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