How to live life better-managed work & family life?

Life is like the most beautiful element once you realize that it should be live not to move. you see the balance in life which factors are mostly affected.

1)personal life

2)professional life

3)social life

4)family life 

 let’s look at all these factors one by one

1)personal life:

give time to yourself every day 

which comes 

body maintenance: take a good diet, give some excise to your body such as going to Jim, yoga, sports can make your body flexible to any extent

hobbies: this is the best way that you can give time to yourself and make your life most effective.

clam and sit don’t do anything just sit see the things how it feels things around you smell the things, feel the air around you, just do it for 10 mints end of the day, do for 48 days and you will see them.

you will see results within the short span from the beginning.

2)professional life:

hear the most effective tips to make your Professional life wonderful

put some targets to the work before you begin the day and make sure it should be complete on that day.

time management: this is the most wonderful tool to make professional life happier than we think of it such as

  • The 80/20 principle
  • The ABCDE method
  • The 4D system
  • 18 Minutes
  • Time blocking

prioritize the works according to your choice can make you more productive in professional life

learn deep working instead of normal working style

 3)social life:

Before I begin everyone has their social life in a different why but depends on time, place, and choice we make it up.

to make your social life more and more wonderful don’t expect anything from anyone just do only 3 things your social life will go in a different direction.

don’t expect anything from anyone instead of that just thing what can you do for them

keep the smile on their faces every time you around them

don’t hurt anyone by any chance 

4)family life:

the value of everything can be realised by anyone once we lose it.

before that, we should keep our gratitude towards our family having such people that can support you are not but they are there with you, for now.

if they’re not with you imagine once you will perspective of seeing your family is different

1.      give some quality time to your family

2.      discuss anything with your family make them how much you’re giving value to them

pro tip: management is the most important thing in our life if you are a good manager with your life you will good at everything you want in your life very easily.


thank you for giving your valuable time to read this blog

i hope you love my writhing

Are you a good manager now?

please do comment, share and give your valuable suggestions to you win and we win.

Are you a good manager now?

please do comment, share and give your valuable suggestions to you win and we win.

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