15 Ways to spend wisely can save your money

You might be having this even conversation with yourself , How can i save money also you stop spending money on things you don’t need and you again nope don’t like that.
So we’ve decided to sift through the waste and tell you exactly where money should be going we promise you’ll have no regards after investing in these splurges.

1. concert tickets


We’ve all been there before your favorite artist or band is coming to the town and you must go to the concert.
But your budget is not exactly up to mark, so you buy the cheapest ticket to get there sadly.
      It’s a massive fail as you have a post blocking your view and all you see are a few ants prancing around on stage.
Nah don’t do that to yourself borrow money from your mom if you must but don’t go cheap on a bad seat this is truly one of those once in a lifetime moments and you want to ensure that you make every second count.

2. mattress and pillow

mattress and pillow

There’s an old Irish proverb that says ‘’a good laugh and a long sleep are the best medicines in the doctor’s book’’ and since we spend a third of our life sleeping investing in a good quality pillow and mattress is never a waste of money think of your mattress as an investment and your great night’s sleep as the interest When we sleep well, we perform well.
           It’s been proven that people who sleep well earn more money than their active equivalents. You’ll be sleeping on your mattress for many years so buy the first time good mattress . 
           Mattress cover turns it every few weeks and air it out to keep it smelling fresh. It’s advised to change pillows every two years so pop your pillow out in the sun to keep it fresh smelling and kill out the dust mites hiding in there too.

3. eyes and teeth

eyes and teeth

Your mom wasn’t kidding when she said to look after your teeth, they’re the only ones you’ll ever have and besides abusers who’s got time patience and money to sit in the dentist’s chair having their teeth filled and pulled while white big gloved up fingers are inside your mouth.
        We can think of better things to do with our time and money the same goes for your eyes don’t go out and buy those cheapy sunglasses just because they look cool.
        When you wear sunnier without UVA or UVB protection they only filter out ambient light they don’t protect you the increased exposure to UVA and UVB rays increase the risk of cataracts macular degeneration and even cancer

4. prime property

prime property

There’s the adage that says it’s best to buy a wrong house in a good neighbourhood and while there are arguments back and forth on this suggestion the majority tend to agree in a decent neighbourhood, you have a good the idea of what kind of friends you’ll have.
            You’ll have a better sense of security knowing your house will only gain value even if you just make minor cosmetic changes to it.
It also could incentivize you to improve your home where as the other way around the opposite would be true often people who invest a lot of money into their stunning house in a bad neighbourhood don’t get a good return on them.

5. car safety

Car Safety​

1.35million people die in car crashes every year in the world 20-50 million people are seriously injured road accidents are the leading cause of death in the world, For those aged 1 to 54. The economic impact on the world the highest number of cyclists and Pedestrians killed in 2018. Buy the safest car you can afford looking cool is not nearly as excellent as being alive.

6. eat the right foods

healthy food

Does this sound like you 8 am fresh fruit salad and straight young 12 pm grilled chicken and salad 3 pm kale shaken nuts 7 pm grilled fish and veggies 10 pm a tub of ice cream bag of chips and a box of biscuits it’s tough making the right eating choices and often the price holds us back.
             I mean have you ever seen the price of an avocado lately it’s become so bad that people in New Zealand are stealing them and selling them on the black market. 
           That’s right black-market avocado it’s time to stop worrying about the price of food and spend your money on the good stuff your body mind and soul will thank you.

7. the right footwear


Bette Midler once said i firmly believe that. With the right footwear, one can rule the world sadly, stilettos flip-flops and ballet flats are not the best options according to piedmont.org,
           These shoes do the most damage to our feet so what shoes are better suited to rule the world wedge heels and sneakers kicks you might reconsider your original choice for something off the list lockers never scrimp on looking after your feet like your eyes and teeth.
         They’re the only ones you’ll ever have wearing incorrect footwear doesn’t only lead to foot problems it affects your entire body your body must overcompensate for bad posture or the incorrect way of walking.

8. decent work clothes

decent work clothes

The quote sums it up correctly dress like you’ve made something of yourself even if you haven’t hey boxers who is your boss going to take more seriously someone who takes zero pride in their appearance. 
           At work or the person who’s always well put together the latter no doubt and you don’t need to have a massive wardrobe of clothing either every day it helps him remain focused on the important things and he doesn’t have to waste time every day deciding what to wear.

9. charity and helping others

charity and helping others

     Anne Frank wrote some wise words, no one. Has ever become low by giving a genuine happiness occurs when you give without expecting anything in return when we give it does more for us than the person receiving kind behavior releases endorphins which scientists have dubbed the helpers high.
other benefits of giving include
     1.Lower blood pressure
     2.Higher self-confidence
     3.Lower depression
     4.Less stress
     5.Living longer
     6.And more happiness have
      You ever had the perfect gift for someone and you’re just cracking to give it to them but you don’t feel that same level of excitement when you’re on the receiving end, It’s a wonderful feeling and if you can’t give money then do something else donates blood offer to help a friend pack if they’re moving walk an elderly neighbor’s dog like the old chinese proverb goes

”if you always give, you will always have.”

10. tools and the safety gear needed for Home

tools and the safety gear needed for them

70 people die a year in the UK from a botched job when we do it ourselves, We tend to rush the job we realize a quarter of the way through that we’ve underestimated how large the task is.
           And we’re tired and irritable we hurdle through the work and often don’t have the right equipment needed to complete the task we accidentally drill wall we splash paint on our carpets we fall off the ladder a myriad of things could go wrong always spend money on the right tools and the safety gear and if you don’t think you’re able to do the job yourself then spend the money and hire a professional.

11. sports equipment

Pricier sporting equipment will improve your game if you're a shitty football player having the most expensive football is not going to make you a better player however, The advantages of spending money on decent equipment outweighs buying the cheaper stuff your equipment will last longer you have a better guarantee on the goods so if anything breaks they'll replace it or refund you, and it's good to have a point of contact when you need advice another area in the sport you shouldn't be keeping on to save some bucks is the protecting gear helmets ball guards shin pads mouth guards these are all areas where you need to buy new and decent three million children a year have teeth knocked out because they don't protect them properly and a Luxor's heads up these are the activities you're most likely to lose your teeth doing skateboarding boxing ball and stick games Football and basketball.

Pricier sporting equipment will improve your game if you’re a shitty football player having the most expensive football is not going to make you a better player however. 
         The advantages of spending money on decent equipment outweighs buying the cheaper stuff your equipment will last longer you have a better guarantee on the goods so if anything breaks they’ll replace it or refund you.
                And it’s good to have a point of contact when you need advice another area in the sport you shouldn’t be keeping on to save some bucks is the protecting gear helmets ball guards shin pads mouth guards these are all areas.
Where you need to buy new and decent three million children a year have teeth knocked out because they don’t protect them properly and a Luxor’s heads up these are the activities you’re most likely to lose your teeth doing skateboarding boxing ball and stick games Football and basketball. 

12. decent kitchen knife

decent kitchen knife

Abraham Lincoln once said if i get eight hours to cut a tree I’ll take seven hours to sharpen my knife this is one of those.
Purchases that make you feel like you’ve finally reached adulthood possibly the most important utensil in the kitchen is a proper chef’s knife with this knife, you can do virtually anything in your kitchen it’s super sharp giving you more control and less slippage making.
It a safer utensil to use when purchasing your chef knife there are two options German knives and Japanese knives German knives are heavy and thick especially at the bolster related to Japanese knives that are lightweight and razor-sharp with a thinner blade either option is excellent, Buy right once, and you’ll never need to buy again.

13. luggage to last a lifetime

luggage to last a lifetime

While others are struggling with their broken luggage handles zippers that don’t work and wheels that have fallen off.
 You’ll be travelling past with your gorgeous matching luggage set same goes if you’re a keen hiker you’re the backpack is your world for a few days don’t rock up with a backpack with holes zippers that don’t close and barely holding a water bottle.

14. life insurance

life insurance

Great wealth is often created through life insurance with a small deduction every month you could leave your family with millions. 
The younger you are when you start life insurance the higher the reward or you could purchase life insurance for someone else in your family but heads up that person needs to give permission because that’s not a death that will be put down to covet.
                   And doubts will be raised let me paint a clear picture for you might have a low-income job and not be able to provide for your family with everything you would love to like an excellent education a safe place to grow up.
Decent meals every day but if you had life insurance on your the life you’d be able to leave your family with millions once you passed away they would never have to worry about money again.
                   And the monthly payments are not as excessive as people assume. Harshad also the author of the no excuses mindset said i don’t call it life insurance I call it to love insurance we buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love.

15. top quality house paint

top quality house paint

When was the last time you. painted your house from top to bottom if it’s been recent, you’ll know it’s not a job you want to be doing often so instead of buying cheap paint rather invest in decent quality paint for your home.                The long-term cost of fixing cheap paint outweighs the initial savings excellent quality paint covers better so you don’t need to apply several layers.
             It’s easier to clean less toxic easier to work with and lasts for years plus it just looks way better than the cheap investing in yourself will never be a waste of money.



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